Broadband switchable terahertz half-/quarter-wave plate based on VO2-metal hybrid metasurface with over/underdamped transition

  title={Broadband switchable terahertz half-/quarter-wave plate based on VO2-metal hybrid metasurface with over/underdamped transition},
  author={Xiaoqing Luo and Fangrong Hu and Guangyuan Li},
  journal={Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics},
Dynamically switchable half-/quarter-wave plates have recently been the focus in the terahertz regime. Conventional design strategies lead to multilayer metamaterials or narrowband metasurfaces. Here we propose a novel design strategy and a VO2-metal hybrid metasurface for achieving broadband dynamically switchable half-/quarter-wave plate (HWP/QWP) based on the transition from the overdamped to the underdamped resonance. Simulation results show that, by varying the VO2 conductivity by three… 

Broadband switchable terahertz half-/quarter-wave plate based on a graphene-metal hybrid metasurface

Metasurfaces incorporating graphene hold great promise for dynamic manipulation of terahertz waves. However, it remains challenging to design a broadband graphene-based terahertz metasurface with

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Switchable broadband and wide-angular terahertz asymmetric transmission based on a hybrid metal-VO2 metasurface.

It is found that relatively high asymmetric transmission above 10% can be maintained over a broad bandwidth of 2.6-4.0 THz and also over a large incident angular range of 0°-45°, and the dominant chirality of the proposed metasurface with VO2 in the conducting state can shift from intrinsic to extrinsicChirality.

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A planar terahertz (THz) metasurface capable of linear to circular polarization conversion and vice versa in a wide frequency range is demonstrated.

Bi-functional switchable broadband terahertz polarization converter based on a hybrid graphene-metal metasurface.

The hybrid metasurface with the advantages of switchable bi-functions, wide operating bandwidth, and ultra-thin thickness, may achieve potential applications in tunable devices for terahertz communications.

Switchable Ultrathin Quarter-wave Plate in Terahertz Using Active Phase-change Metasurface

This work reveals the feasibility to realize tunable/active and extremely low-profile polarization manipulation devices in the terahertz regime through the incorporation of such phase-change metasurfaces, enabling novel applications of ultrathin terAhertz meta- devices.

Dielectric-resonator metasurfaces for broadband terahertz quarter- and half-wave mirrors.

Low-order dielectric resonators in place of commonly used planar metallic resonators to achieve high radiation efficiencies and broadband and high efficiency capabilities of reflective metasurfaces will allow to leverage maximum benefits from a vast terahertz bandwidth.

Terahertz Quarter Wave-Plate Metasurface Polarizer Based on Arrays of Graphene Ribbons

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