Broadband pulsed high power amplifier design using load-pull technique

  title={Broadband pulsed high power amplifier design using load-pull technique},
  author={S. K. Garg and S. Aich and J. Dhar},
  journal={2015 IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC)},
This paper illustrates the nonlinear design and realization of L-Band broadband pulsed high power amplifier to deliver peak output power of 45 W at centre frequency of 1.25 GHz with 20% bandwidth. To account for the non-linear behavior of devices under large signal conditions, the extracted load-pull data is used to design both stages of power amplifier. Power amplifier has been realized on a single 25-mil RT-duroid substrate (RT6010.2LM) with 1mm Cu-cladding at back. Paper covers load-pull… Expand
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