Broadband observations of the naked-eye γ-ray burst GRB 080319B

  title={Broadband observations of the naked-eye γ-ray burst GRB 080319B},
  author={J. Racusin and S. V. Karpov and M. Sokołowski and J. Granot and X. F. Wu and V. Pal'shin and S. Covino and A. J. Horst and S. Oates and P. Schady and R. J. Smith and J. Cummings and R. Starling and L. Piotrowski and B. Zhang and P. A. Evans and S. Holland and K. Małek and M. Page and L. Vetere and R. Margutti and C. Guidorzi and A. Kamble and P. Curran and A. Beardmore and C. Kouveliotou and L. Mankiewicz and A. Melandri and P. O'Brien and K. Page and T. Piran and N. Tanvir and G. Wrochna and R. Aptekar and S. Barthelmy and C. Bartolini and G. M. Beskin and S. Bondar and M. Bremer and S. Campana and A. Castro-Tirado and A. Cucchiara and M. {\'C}wiok and P. D'Avanzo and V. D'Elia and M. D. Valle and A. U. Postigo and W. Dominik and A. Falcone and F. Fiore and D. Fox and D. Frederiks and A. Fruchter and D. Fugazza and M. Garrett and N. Gehrels and S. Golenetskii and A. Gomboc and J. Gorosabel and G. Greco and A. Guarnieri and S. Immler and M. Jel'inek and G. Kasprowicz and V. L. Parola and A. Levan and V. Mangano and E. Mazets and E. Molinari and A. Moretti and K. Nawrocki and P. Oleynik and J. Osborne and C. Pagani and S. Pandey and Z. Paragi and M. Perri and A. Piccioni and E. Ramirez-Ruiz and P. Roming and I. Steele and R. Strom and V. Testa and G. Tosti and M. Ulanov and K. Wiersema and R. Wijers and J. Winters and A. F. Żarnecki and F. Zerbi and P. M{\'e}sz{\'a}ros and G. Chincarini and D. Burrows},
  • J. Racusin, S. V. Karpov, +90 authors D. Burrows
  • Published 2008
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Long-duration γ-ray bursts (GRBs) release copious amounts of energy across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and so provide a window into the process of black hole formation from the collapse of massive stars. Previous early optical observations of even the most exceptional GRBs (990123 and 030329) lacked both the temporal resolution to probe the optical flash in detail and the accuracy needed to trace the transition from the prompt emission within the outflow to external shocks caused by… CONTINUE READING
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