Broadband loop gap resonator for nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond.

  title={Broadband loop gap resonator for nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond.},
  author={E. Eisenach and J. Barry and L. Pham and R. Rojas and D. Englund and D. Braje},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
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We present an S-band tunable loop gap resonator (LGR), which provides strong, homogeneous, and directionally uniform broadband microwave (MW) drive for nitrogen-vacancy (NV) ensembles. With 42 dBm of input power, the composite device provides drive field amplitudes approaching 5 G over a circular area ≳50 mm2 or cylindrical volume ≳250 mm3. The wide 80 MHz device bandwidth allows driving all NV Zeeman resonances for bias magnetic fields below 20 G. The device realizes percent-scale MW drive… Expand
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