Broadband interfacing of superconducting digital systems to room temperature electronics

  title={Broadband interfacing of superconducting digital systems to room temperature electronics},
  author={D. Schneider and J. C. Lin and S. Polonsky and V. K. Semenov and C Y Hamilton},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
We have developed and tested simple and inexpensive electronics for interfacing Rapid Single-Flux-Quantum (RSFQ) Josephson-junction circuits to room temperature digital systems. Voltage-level (Non-Return-to-Zero) bit signals with a swing of /spl sim/150 uV, developed on-chip by standard SFQ/DC converters, and in some cases amplified to 1.5 mV swing by HUFFLE-type circuits, are passed to the 300 K environment using a high density (40 channel) flexible coplanar waveguide assembly. AC-coupled, 2-3… CONTINUE READING
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