Broadband giant-refractive-index material based on mesoscopic space-filling curves

  title={Broadband giant-refractive-index material based on mesoscopic space-filling curves},
  author={Taeyong Chang and Jong Uk Kim and Seung Kyu Kang and Hyowook Kim and Do Kyung Kim and Yong-hee Lee and Jonghwa Shin},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The refractive index is the fundamental property of all optical materials and dictates Snell's law, propagation speed, wavelength, diffraction, energy density, absorption and emission of light in materials. Experimentally realized broadband refractive indices remain <40, even with intricately designed artificial media. Herein, we demonstrate a measured index >1,800 resulting from a mesoscopic crystal with a dielectric constant greater than three million. This gigantic enhancement effect… CONTINUE READING

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