Broadband acoustic isolator in the audible range : nonreciprocal acoustic propagation using programmable boundary conditions

  title={Broadband acoustic isolator in the audible range : nonreciprocal acoustic propagation using programmable boundary conditions},
  author={Sami Karkar and Etienne Rivet and Manuel Collet},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
We propose a novel concept of nonreciprocal devices in acoustics, illustrated by the design of an acoustic diode, or isolator. A boundary control strategy was previously shown to provide direction-dependent propagation properties in acoustic waveguides. In this paper, the boundary control is reinterpreted as a source term for the inhomogeneous wave equation, in a purely 1D model. Nonreciprocity is then obtained using a distributed source that replaces the non-standard boundary condition where… 

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