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Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy of Mixed Betaine Phosphate Betaine Phosphite, CuInP_2(S_xSe_{1-x})_6 crystals and PMN-PSN-PZN Ceramics

  title={Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy of Mixed Betaine Phosphate Betaine Phosphite, CuInP\_2(S\_xSe\_\{1-x\})\_6 crystals and PMN-PSN-PZN Ceramics},
  author={Jan Macutkevi{\vc}},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
  • J. Macutkevič
  • Published 21 December 2010
  • Physics, Materials Science
  • arXiv: Materials Science
TIn the first chapter, the current ideas about crystalline disordered system are surveyed and exemplified by the results allowing for the most straightforward interpretation. Exclusive consideration is intended for broadband dielectric spectroscopy results. Several critical remarks are presented about various predefined forms of the distribution of relaxation times and it physical meaning. The second chapter is devoted to the experimental and theoretical methods of the broadband dielectric… 



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