Broad-band superluminescent diodes fabricated on a substrate with asymmetric dual quantum wells

  title={Broad-band superluminescent diodes fabricated on a substrate with asymmetric dual quantum wells},
  author={Ching-Fuh Lin and Bor-Lin Lee and Po-Chien Lin},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
Broad-band AlGaAs-GaAs superluminescent diodes are fabricated using asymmetric dual quantum wells. With a proper design of the quantum-well structure, the spectral width of the superluminescent diodes could be engineered. By choosing 40 /spl Aring/ and 75 /spl Aring/, respectively, for the two quantum wells, the spectrum remains bell-shaped and is broadened to 2/spl sim/3 times that of the conventional superluminescent diodes. The measured spectra show that there is no obvious preference on the… CONTINUE READING
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