Brivaracetam (ucb 34714) inhibits Na(+) current in rat cortical neurons in culture.

  title={Brivaracetam (ucb 34714) inhibits Na(+) current in rat cortical neurons in culture.},
  author={Cristina Zona and Massimo Pieri and Irene Carunchio and Livia Curcio and Henrik V Klitgaard and Doru Georg Margineanu},
  journal={Epilepsy research},
  volume={88 1},
Brivaracetam (ucb 34714; BRV), a new antiepileptic drug (AED) candidate, is a pyrrolidone derivative displaying a markedly higher affinity than levetiracetam (LEV; Keppra) to the synaptic vesicle protein SV2A, shown to be the brain-specific binding site of LEV. The higher affinity for SV2A correlates significant antiepileptic activity in animal epilepsy models in vitro and in vivo. Since many AEDs act upon inhibiting neuronal Na(+) currents, this study explored putative activity of BRV on the… CONTINUE READING
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