British cultural Marxism

  title={British cultural Marxism},
  author={Ioan Davies},
  journal={International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society},
  • I. Davies
  • Published 1 March 1991
  • History
  • International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society
But there is still a struggle which is worth our powder and shot . . . and that is the class struggle. By this I do not mean that we should stand shoulder to shoulder in an effort to drive workers back to their hovels. Those battles have all been lost. The new class struggle is to reassert the ascendancy of the bourgeois culture in all the fields where it is being crushed by the Murdoch-Thatcher juggernaut: in politi? cal and administrative leadership, arts, education, entertainment, television… 

British intellectuals and blairism: counter-hegemonic voices during Tony Blair's premiership

Abstract: This study represents a careful analysis of the subversive cultural production of British intellectuals against the government of Tony Blair. My dissertation explores how the writers,

From Class to Culture: Ideological Landscapes of the Left Thought Collective in the West, 1950s–1980s

The paper explores the evolution of the political and ideological landscapes of the left thought collective in the West. Heavily influenced by the classical Marxian paradigm prior to the 1950s, it

The short happy life of the affluent working class: Consumption, debt and Embourgeoisement in the Age of Credit

  • M. Day
  • Economics, History
    Capital & Class
  • 2019
This article reconsiders the debate over the alleged embourgeoisement of the British working classes after Second World War. ‘Bourgeois affluence and proletarian apathy’ examines why members of the

British Cultural Studies and Sport: Past Encounters and Future Possibilities

The primary purpose of this essay is to address the linkage between the emergence and development of cultural studies on the one hand, and the study of sport as a cultural practice on the other.



The Break-Up of Britain

socialist democracy that could then arise . This is indeed the agenda, but is there really nobody thinking about it in Britain? There is, despite his protestation, a certain blindness in Perry

Women: The Longest Revolution

The situation of women is different from that of any other social group. This is because they are not one of a number of isolable units, but half a totality: the human species. Women are essential

Subculture: The Meaning of Style.

General Editor's Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction: Subculture and Style, 1. From culture to hegemony, Part One: Some case studies, 2. Holiday in the sun: Mister Rotten makes the grade, Boredom

Approaching Walter Benjamin: Retrieval,Translation and Reconstruction

The work of Walter Benjamin has been discussed many times, but infrequently taken as the basis for conducting social theory or as the point of departure for social analysis . There are a few examples

Raymond Williams, Writing, Culture, Politics

Introduction - Vocation Writer Politics Institutions Keywords in Culture and Society The Knowable Community in the English Novel Complex Seeing in Drama and Television Marxism and Theory Conclusion -