British Use of ‘Dirty Tricks’ in External Policy Prior to 1914

  title={British Use of ‘Dirty Tricks’ in External Policy Prior to 1914},
  author={John W. M. Chapman},
  journal={War in History},
  pages={60 - 81}
The war in South Africa from 1899 irrevocably changed the character of British foreign policy from one of disdaining the behaviour of the continental European states to one of imitation of their methods through acceptance of the premiss that a fully functioning secret service needed to be established in Britain in order to ensure national defence in peacetime. Not only was press and cable censorship instituted, but the communications of enemy and neutral states were intercepted and deciphered… 

Dashed Expectations: Limitations of the telegraphic service in the late Qing*

Abstract Previous researchers have noted that the telegraph had a significant impact on late Qing politics in a variety of ways. This paper, however, argues that the telegraph in China failed to



The Milita ry Dimen sion of An g lo-Japa n ese Relation s in th e

  • 2002

After 1919, both Kell and Holt-Wilson expressed a sense of debt to Edmonds as the principal progenitor of the ideas on which the expansion of MI5 had taken place

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