British Diabetic Association Medical and Scientific Section, Autumn Meeting Abstracts

  title={British Diabetic Association Medical and Scientific Section, Autumn Meeting Abstracts},
  author={D. R. Boyns and R. Jarrett and H. Keen and T. R. Csorba and I. Matsuda and N. Kalant and V. Johnson and E. Samols and J. Tyler and V. Marks and R. Milner and C. N. Hales and P. D. Bewsher and J. Ashmore and J. R. Turtle and G. Littleton and D. M. Kipnts and P. J. Randle and R. Denton and A. F. Burditt and F. Caird and G. Draper and A. Hart and H. Cohen and R. Turner and A. Bloom and D. Krikler and D. R. Hadden and J. Harley and J. Ireland and B. K. Patnaik and L. Duncan and T. Dormandy and I. Ferguson and Luciana M Stimmler},
  • D. R. Boyns, R. Jarrett, +32 authors Luciana M Stimmler
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Diabetologia
  • L o n d o n , 30 th S e p t e m b e r a n d 1st O c t o b e r , 1966 1. Intestinal hormones and plasma insulin. ]2). R. BOYNS, R.J. JARRETT and H. KEEN. Guy's Hospital, London. Glucose absorped from the gut induces a greater rise in plasma insulin than glucose administered intravenously (MCINTYaE et al., 1964; ELRIOK eft al., 1964) and it has been suggested that a hormone ("ineretin"), released from the gut may augment the glucose stimulus to the islets of Langerhans. In the experiments to be… CONTINUE READING