British Diabetic Association Abstracts

  title={British Diabetic Association Abstracts},
  author={Khalid A. Gumaa and P. Mclean and Ahmed H. Kissebah and D. J. Galton and T. Russell Fraser and Iain D. G. Watson and T. D. R. Hokaday and A. C. Asmal and W. J. H. Butterfield and Brian R. Cox and Basilios Karamanos and Margaret J. Whichelow and Jason F Richardson and Trevor Silverstone and Michael I. B. Besser and Charles G D Brook and J. M. Thord and Adrian Hart and Hadas Cohen and S{\'a}ndor Sz{\'a}nt{\'o} and John Yudkin and Audrey S. Fosbrooke and June K. Lloyd and Joyce Mowat and P. D. Bewsher and J. M. Stowers and Sheila Ross and Roger G. Dale and William T. Thomson and Jonathan Ireland and Timothy M. Lawlor},
Autumn Meeting held at the Royal College of Physicians, London, November 13, 1970 As well as those abstracted below, the following papers were also read: The Overweight Diabetic. W . J . H . Butterfield, Guy's Hospital, London. Biochemical aspects of obesity and diabetes P.J . Randle, Bristol Insulin secretion in obesity. E.A. Nikkila, Helsinki. Psychiatric… CONTINUE READING