British Bisexuality: A Snapshot of Bisexual Representations and Identities in the United Kingdom

  title={British Bisexuality: A Snapshot of Bisexual Representations and Identities in the United Kingdom},
  author={Meg John Barker and Helen Bowes-Catton and Alessandra Iantaffi and Angela Cassidy and Laurence R. Brewer},
  journal={Journal of Bisexuality},
  pages={141 - 162}
This article summarizes the state of bisexuality in the United Kingdom today. First the authors provide an overview of the United Kingdom Bisexual Conference (BiCon) and the studies conducted at the Conference by the Bisexual Research Group in the summer of 2004. Then they provide an in-depth examination of the representations of bisexuality in the British media to give a picture of the prevailing context in which U.K. bisexuals live. Following this they present the results of the two pieces of… 

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Bisexual people use and work in health and social care services but are often even less visible than lesbian and gay people(1). In this chapter, I examine some of the reasons for this lack of

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Despite increased awareness and acceptance of LGBTIQ sexualities in many Western countries, and considerable theory and research on bisexuality, it is still an invisible sexual identity in many

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Older bisexual people: Implications for social work from the ‘Looking Both Ways’ study

Three recommendations for social work professionals were identified: 1) understand biphobia, 2) recognize the legitimacy of concerns about receiving care, and 3) ask about support networks rather than assuming family support.



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About the book: There has been a recent explosion of interest in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Perspective Psychology amongst students and academics, and this interest is predicted to continue to

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Bisexuality: The psychology and politics of an invisible minority.

Foreword - Maggi Rubenstein Prologue - Lani Ka'ahumanu That Naked Place Introduction - Beth A Firestein PART ONE: OVERVIEW: BISEXUALITY IN PSYCHOLOGY AND THE SOCIAL SCIENCES Bisexuality in

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Contents Foreword (Regina U. Reinhardt) * I. What Is Bisexuality * The Threat * Toward a Definition * "The Bisexual-Intimacy Level" * Sexuality and the Oedipus Complex: A New Look * II. Bisexuality