Britain's Policy in Southern Kurdistan: The Formation and the Termination of the First Kurdish Government, 1918–1919

  title={Britain's Policy in Southern Kurdistan: The Formation and the Termination of the First Kurdish Government, 1918–1919},
  author={Saad Eskander},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={139 - 163}
  • Saad Eskander
  • Published 1 November 2000
  • History
  • British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
The end of the First World War and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 signalled the downfall of the old order in the Middle East. The consolidation of Britain's strategic, economic and political position in that region was bound to affect Kurdistan's political future, given its determination to re-construct a new regional order. In the absence of a well-defined British policy towards Kurdistan's future certain British officials on the ground were able to play an important part in… 

The 1926 Annexation of Southern Kurdistan to Iraq: the Kurdish Narrative

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  • 2017
The collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of many ‘nation-states’ in the region, alongwith promises given to the Kurds following World War I, had revived Kurdish hopes for the

The First World War, the End of the Ottoman Empire, and Question of Kurdish Statehood: A ‘Missed’ Opportunity?

Abstract Historians who have examined the ‘failure’ of the Kurds to obtain statehood in the immediate aftermath of the First World War have, understandable, closely examined the lobbying efforts

Introduction: The Kurds and the Kurdish Question in the Middle East

In the past decade, the Kurdish question has re-established itself at the heart of the regional political debates at a time when the Middle East is once again engulfed in conflict and violence. On

Kurdistan on the Sèvres Centenary: How a Distinct People Became the World’s Largest Stateless Nation

  • Loqman Radpey
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  • 2021
Abstract In August 1920, the political fate of the Kurdish nation, along with its territory, Kurdistan, were on the line, after the Allies asserted their interest in national rights to

States of Legitimacy: The British Left, Iraqi Nationalism,and the 'Spirit of Internationalism,' 1914-1932

This dissertation is a transnational history of twentieth-century anti-colonial nationalism. It focuses specifically on the connections between the dissenting British left and Iraqi nationalists

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The Rise and Fall of Political Movements in the Late 19th Century and First Half of 20th Century Kurdistan (an Organisational Analysis)

Kurdological literature has been mainly limited to mere historical descriptive discussions characterized by descriptive story telling about personal/private aspects of Kurdish political chiefs. This

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The Kurdish Peshmarga Force 1943-1975 By Karwan Salih Waisy

This article shows an area of key interest in modern-day of the Kurdish military, ora well-known Peshmarga force “those who face death” history. The Peshmarga have become anessential of Kurdish

The shaky foundations of the 1926 annexation of Southern Kurdistan to Iraq

Between 1921 and 1925, the Kurds of Southern Kurdistan participated in three main political ‎processes in Iraq. These processes were the election of Faisal Ibn Hussein as the King of Iraq ‎in 1921,



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    Bill to Civil Commissioner, Baghdad, Memorandum on the future of the Qaza of Amadiya

      Administration Report of the Sulaimaniya Division

        FO371/5069, PRO. pro-British basis among the population. Letter from Young to Kidston

          Translation of [an] Undated Persian Document, Civil Commissioner

            Note-In-Colonial Of ce Minute No. 4958

              Foreign Of ce Minute on 'the Administration Report on the Sulaimaniya division for year 19199

                Foreign Of ce Minute No. 168555

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