Bristlecone pine tree rings and volcanic eruptions over the last 5000 yr

  title={Bristlecone pine tree rings and volcanic eruptions over the last 5000 yr},
  author={Matthew W Salzer and Malcolm K. Hughes},
  journal={Quaternary Research},
  pages={57 - 68}
  • M. SalzerM. Hughes
  • Published 1 January 2007
  • Environmental Science, Geography
  • Quaternary Research

Temporal stability in bristlecone pine tree-ring stable oxygen isotope chronologies over the last two centuries

The absolutely dated bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) tree-ring chronology spans almost 9000 years, offering great potential for inferring past environmental change. Existing ring width chronologies

Tree ring effects and ice core acidities clarify the volcanic record of the first millennium

Abstract. In 2012 Plummer et al., in presenting the volcanic chronology of the Antarctic Law Dome ice core, chose to list connections to acid layers in other ice cores and also possible chronological

Five millennia of paleotemperature from tree-rings in the Great Basin, USA

The instrumental temperature record is of insufficient length to fully express the natural variability of past temperature. High elevation tree-ring widths from Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus

Volcanic cooling signal in tree ring temperature records for the past millennium

Tree rings are an important proxy for understanding the timing and environmental consequences of volcanic eruptions as they are precisely dated at annual resolution and, particularly in tree line

Recent unprecedented tree-ring growth in bristlecone pine at the highest elevations and possible causes

Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) at 3 sites in western North America near the upper elevation limit of tree growth showed ring growth in the second half of the 20th century that was

An annually resolved bristlecone pine carbon isotope chronology for the last millennium

Palaeovolcanos, Solar activity and pine tree-rings from the Kola Peninsula (northwestern Russia) over the last 560 years

The paper deals with the analysis of the external factor (solar activity, volcanic eruptions) influence on tree growth at the Kola Peninsula, northwestern Russia. Pinus sylvestris L. (Scots pine)

Volcanic Eruptions over the Last 5,000 Years from High Elevation Tree-Ring Widths and Frost Rings

Some tree-ring records, due to their great age, the annual resolution of their dates, and their sensitivity to the climatic effects of large volcanic eruptions, are useful in understanding the



Chronologies from Termperature-Sensitive Bristlecone Pines at Upper Treeline in Western United States

Ring -width variation in trees at upper treeline in the high mountains of temperate latitudes is a potentially important indicator of past climatic variations, especially temperature variations.

Tree-Ring Evidence for Climatically Effective Volcanic Eruptions

  • L. Scuderi
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Quaternary Research
  • 1990

Tree-ring evidence of the widespread effects of explosive volcanic eruptions

Tree-ring evidence from 97 sites over North America and Europe are used to develop a chronology of widespread cool summers since 1600. Averaging annual maximum-density information from the

1738 years of Mongolian temperature variability inferred from a tree‐ring width chronology of Siberian pine

1738 years (AD 262–1999) of temperature variability are inferred from tree‐ring widths of Siberian pine at Solongotyn Davaa (Sol Dav), a timberline (2420 m) site in Mongolia. This chronology can

Irish tree rings, Santorini and volcanic dust veils

There has recently been renewed interest in the dating of the violent eruption of the Aegean island of Santorini in the second millennium BC, both by its possible effects on tree-ring growth in the

Frequency-Dependent Climate Signal in Upper and Lower Forest Border Tree Rings in the Mountains of the Great Basin

We examine the relationships, over the past millennium, between tree-ring chronologies from long-lived pines at their upper and lower limits in four mountain ranges in and near to the semi-arid Great

Reassessment of Crete (Greenland) ice core acidity/volcanism link to climate change

Previous comparisons of the Crete (Greenland) ice core acidity record with climate variations of the last 1,400 years suggested that changes in volcanism may have significantly influenced climate on

A continuous multimillennial ring-width chronology in Yamal, northwestern Siberia

Remains of subfossil Siberian larch trees in the Holocene deposits of the Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia) have been collected in order to develop a continuous, multimillennium tree-ring-width

Reduced sensitivity of recent tree-growth to temperature at high northern latitudes

Tree-ring chronologies that represent annual changes in the density of wood formed during the late summer can provide a proxy for local summertime air temperature. Here we undertake an examination of

Influence of snowfall and melt timing on tree growth in subarctic Eurasia

The causes of a reduced sensitivity of high-latitude tree growth to variations in summer temperature for recent decades,, compared to earlier this century, are unknown. This sensitivity change is