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Bringing portal dosimetry for radiotherapy into the clinic

  title={Bringing portal dosimetry for radiotherapy into the clinic},
  author={A. Domingos},
Tese de mestrado integrado, Engenharia Biomedica e Biofisica (Radiacoes em Diagnostico e Terapia) Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciencias, 2017 


Volumetric modulated arc therapy: a review of current literature and clinical use in practice.
The current use of VMAT techniques in practice is discussed and the available data from planning and clinical outcome studies in various tumour sites including prostate, pelvis (lower gastrointestinal, gynaecological), head and neck, thoracic, central nervous system, breast and other tumour Sites are reviewed. Expand
Principles of radiotherapy and radiobiology.
OBJECTIVES To review the current state of knowledge of radiation physics and radiobiology, combined modality treatments, the use of radiosensitizers and radioprotectors, new developments in radiation… Expand
Transit dosimetry with an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) for 115 prostate cancer patients.
An accurate method for verification of the MU calculation of an x-ray beam using EPID measurements has been developed and allows the discrimination of errors that are due to changes in patient anatomy related to appearance or disappearance of gas pockets in the rectum and errors due to a deviating cGy/MU-value. Expand
Clinical use of electronic portal imaging.
  • M. Herman
  • Medicine
  • Seminars in radiation oncology
  • 2005
This manuscript provides an overview of the clinical implementation process for effective use of EPIDs, a review of correction strategies and numerous examples of effective clinical application of EPID. Expand
Evaluation of a fast method of EPID‐based dosimetry for intensity‐modulated radiation therapy
A multi‐institutional study was performed to verify accurate EPID image to dose plane conversion over a variety of conditions, and found that individual patient‐specific sites as well, followed similar trends to the overall pass rates. Expand
The next step in patient-specific QA: 3D dose verification of conformal and intensity-modulated RT based on EPID dosimetry and Monte Carlo dose calculations.
EPID dosimetry combined with 3D dose reconstruction is a useful procedure for patient-specific QA of complex treatments and DVH parameters can be used to interpret the dose distribution delivered to the patient in the same way as during standard treatment plan evaluation. Expand
Redefining radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer with single dose ablative treatment: a study protocol
The ABLATIVE study evaluates MRI-guided single dose ablative RT in patients with early-stage breast cancer, aiming at a less burdening and non-invasive alternative for current breast-conserving treatment. Expand
The tumor radiobiology of SRS and SBRT: are more than the 5 Rs involved?
It is suggested that for most tumors, the standard radiobiology concepts of the 5 Rs are sufficient to explain the clinical data, and the excellent results obtained from clinical studies are the result of the much larger biologically effective doses that are delivered with SRS and SBRT. Expand
omparison of individual and composite field analysis sing array detector for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy ose verification
Aim: To compare the measured and calculated individual and composite field planar dose distribution of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy plans. Materials and methods: The measurements were performed… Expand
Electronic portal imaging devices: a review and historical perspective of contemporary technologies and research.
  • L. Antonuk
  • Medicine
  • Physics in medicine and biology
  • 2002
A review of electronic portal imaging devices used in external beam, megavoltage radiation therapy and a survey of contemporary research efforts focused on improving portal imaging performance by addressing various weaknesses in existing commercial systems is presented. Expand