Brief Hypnotic Intervention Increases Throwing Accuracy

  title={Brief Hypnotic Intervention Increases Throwing Accuracy},
  author={Sharon Jalene and Gabriele Wulf},
  journal={International Journal of Sports Science \& Coaching},
  pages={199 - 206}
  • Sharon Jalene, G. Wulf
  • Published 1 February 2014
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching
The present study examined whether motor skill learning could be enhanced through a hypnotic intervention. The task involved throwing a tennis ball overhand at a target. Participants were assigned to either a hypnosis or control group. Both groups first completed a pre-test of 20 throws. Prior to the second block of 20 throws (post-test), the hypnosis group received a 10-minute hypnotic intervention. The theme of the hypnosis session was to focus on the target while throwing. Participants were… 

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