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Brief History and Classification of Magnetic Flux Compression Generators

  title={Brief History and Classification of Magnetic Flux Compression Generators},
  author={Bucur M. Novac and I. R. Smith},
Sixty years after the first magnetic flux compression experiments were performed, it is now appropriate to attempt a classification of the various devices that are known collectively as either magnetic flux-compression generators or magnetocumulative generators. This paper summarises the main characteristics on which such a classification of generators can conveniently be based, with emphasis given to the helical form that is undoubtedly the most common type of generator in use today. After… 

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  • B. Novac, I. Smith, H. Stewardson
  • Physics
    Digest of Technical Papers. 12th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference. (Cat. No.99CH36358)
  • 1999
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