Bridging the gap between sustainable housing and affordable housing: The required critical success criteria (CSC)

  title={Bridging the gap between sustainable housing and affordable housing: The required critical success criteria (CSC)},
  author={Albert P. C. Chan and Michael Atafo Adabre},
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Evaluation of the critical success factors for sustainable housing delivery: analytic hierarchy process approach
Purpose Despite the varied housing policies guiding the Nigerian housing provision, its delivery is yet to level up with the global acceptable sustainability requirements. Previous studies revealed
Success Factors (SFs) for Sustainable Affordable Housing: A Review Study
The world is grappling with insufficient affordable housing to meet the mounting shelter needs of lowincome earners. In response, country-specific success factors (SFs) for sustainable affordable
Affordable housing in urban India: a review of critical success factors (CSFs) addressing housing adequacy with affordability for the urban poor
Purpose This paper aims to focus on the housing situation in Indian cities and the various stakeholders involved in the housing sector. This study addresses the conflict in expectations of the
Identification of Effective Integrated Indicators for Sustainable Affordable Housing Provision
The affordable housing sector is receiving increasing attention in developed and developing countries. That attention increased due to the economic inflation and the increasing population growth,
A Critical Success Factor Framework for Implementing Sustainable Innovative and Affordable Housing: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis
The actualization of affordable housing remains a challenge. This challenge is exacerbated by the increasing societal demand for the incorporation of sustainability principles into such housing types
Success Criteria Evaluation for a Sustainable and Affordable Housing Model: A Case for Improving Household Welfare in Nigeria Cities
Due to rapid urbanization and the recent growing influx of migrants from politically fragile states, cities are now faced with an impending housing problem. In developing countries like Nigeria, the
Towards a sustainability assessment model for affordable housing projects: the perspective of professionals in Ghana
This paper presents a sustainability assessment model to holistically guide sustainable construction and green retrofitting of affordable housing from the Ghanaian perspective.,A comprehensive review
Sustainable housing development: role and significance of satisfaction aspect
  • I. Ibrahim
  • Economics
    City, Territory and Architecture
  • 2020
Providing quality public housing is one of the main goals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. This paper assesses the level of satisfaction with public housing offered by the UAE government


Investigating the Underlining Factors of Critical Project Success Criteria for Public Housing Delivery in Ghana
Public housing supply remains one of the least given attention in Ghana over the past three decades. Successive Public Housing Building Projects (PHBPs) attempts have been unsuccessful due to a
Sustainable Housing for Sustainable Cities: A Policy Framework for Developing Countries
The concept of housing requires a new understanding to effectively address the pressing issues of slums, the urban divide, economic and human development, and climate change. No longer regarded as
Planning, Land and Affordable Housing in Hong Kong
This paper investigates the approaches and the effectiveness of the government of Hong Kong in using the planning system and land policies to help provide affordable homes, widening the planning and
Indicators of Local Housing Affordability: Comparative and Spatial Approaches
This paper focuses on the measurement of local housing affordability problems. A number of different housing market indicators are offered that help identify the magnitude and nature of housing