Bridging the Software / Hardware Forwarding Divide

  title={Bridging the Software / Hardware Forwarding Divide},
  author={Daekyeong Moon and Jad Naous and Junda Liu and Kyriakos Zarifis and Mart{\'i}n Casado and Teemu Koponen and Scott Shenker and Lee Breslau},
As network speeds increase, and network requirements diversify, networking hardware vendors are being pressed on two distinct fronts. To remain competitive, they must continually improve their cost/performance ratio at a pace faster than Moore’s Law. Over the past fifteen years, enterprise network speeds have increased by three orders of magnitude, from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, requiring that the cost of a unit of bandwidth (a gigabit port, or Gport) drop precipitously. At the same time, networks are… CONTINUE READING