Brexit, the Border, and Political Conflict Narratives in Northern Ireland

  title={Brexit, the Border, and Political Conflict Narratives in Northern Ireland},
  author={Trumbore and Owsiak},
  journal={Irish Studies in International Affairs},
  • Trumbore, Owsiak
  • Published 2019
  • Political Science
  • Irish Studies in International Affairs
Bordering on crisis: A qualitative analysis of focus group, social media, and news media perspectives on the Republic of Ireland-Northern Ireland border during the ‘first wave’ of the COVID-19 pandemic
Results reveal clear public appetite for greater synchronisation of cross-border pandemic responses, emphasise the specific vulnerability of communities living near the border, and highlight the risk of long-term socio-political repercussions of border management decisions taken during the pandemic.
Obstacles to Public Health that even Pandemics cannot Overcome: The Politics of Covid-19 on the Island of Ireland
The relationship between politics and public health is increasingly evident as governments throughout the world vary in their acceptance and implementation of technical guidance in the response to
International Political Science Abstracts
  • 2020
For decades, campaigns have used phone calls to move voters to the polls. Political scientists have made great strides using field experiments to study whether campaign calls effectively increase
Teenagers and young adults in dissident Irish republicanism: a case study of Na Fianna Éireann in Dublin
ABSTRACT On 18 April 2019, by-stander Lyra McKee was killed while a group of teenagers and young men rioted against the PSNI in the Northern Irish city of Derry. During these riots, two masked gunmen