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Breeding for Increased Sweetness in Sweet Corn

  title={Breeding for Increased Sweetness in Sweet Corn},
  author={Kamol Lertrat and Taweesak Pulam},
Sweetness, a creamy texture and aroma, along with desirable kernel color, good germination, and high yield, are the important traits for sweet corn. Various recessive mutants in corn expressed in the endosperm e.g. sugary1 (su1), sugary enhancer (se), shrunken2 (sh2), brittle1 (bt) etc., which improve quality traits such as sweetness, flavor and nutritive value have been used either singly or in combination for developing new commercial hybrids. In single mutant varieties, at harvest (20 days… 
Changes on Sugar and Starch Contents during Seed Development of Synergistic Sweet Corn and Implication on Seed Quality
Synergistic sweet corn equipped with multiple-recessive genes encoding sugar synthesis is proposed through hybrid breeding to improve the balance eating quality including flavor, texture, and aroma.
Combining three grain mutants for improved‐quality sweet corn
Our goal was to improve sweet corn (Zea mays L.) by the novel approach of combining three grain mutants in one plant, shrunken‐2 (sh2sh2), purple (Pr1Pr1C1C1), and opaque‐2 (o2o2), for increased
Simultaneous Selection of Sweet-Waxy Corn Ideotypes Appealing to Hybrid Seed Producers, Growers, and Consumers in Thailand
Multi-trait selection helps breeders identify genotypes that appeal to divergent groups of preferences. In this study, we performed simultaneous selection of sweet-waxy corn hybrids on several traits
Kernel Quality of Some Sweet Corn Varieties in Relation to Processing
The quality characteristics (dry matter content, soluble solid concentration, kernel colour, sugar, starch and protein content) of fresh, frozen and canned kernels of seven sweet corn varieties
Seed Germination in Relation to Total Sugar and Starch in Endosperm Mutant of Sweet Corn Genotypes
The results showed that single recessive genotype (sh2sh2) had high germination percentage and seedling vigor, and combinations of triple recessive genes had good germination in BP test but they performed poorly in AA test.
Diallel analysis of tropical and temperate sweet and supersweet corn inbred lines
Investigation of the general and specific combining ability of GCA and SCA in relation to the grain yield and total soluble solid contents of seven lines of sweet corn and eight lines of supersweet corn by diallel crosses found the hybrid ‘5 × 7’ was the most relevant because it showed higher Ŝij  estimates in most of the evaluated environments.
A comparative study on normal and high sugary corn genotypes for evaluating raw material quality and enzyme consumption during dry-grind ethanol production / Md Zabed Hossain
Agronomic and biochemical characteristics of four high sugary corn genotypes (HSGs) and four parent field corn lines (PFCs) were determined to evaluate raw material quality. Subsequently, the effects
Evaluation of some Sweet Corn Hybrids for Agronomic Traits and Technological Parameters under different Planting Dates
Total carotenoids content increased by increasing the harvest date and the highest content found at the third planting date (Aug 22nd) for Gz3B×Gz20 and Gz20–Gz10 hybrids, which a decrease at the 3rd harvest date after 26 days from pollination.
Analysis of the Content Values of Sweet Maize (Zea mays L. Convar Saccharata Koern) in Precision Farming
The global precision farming area is constantly increasing, and precision sweet maize production developed the most. Sweet maize yield is above average in precision farming. Additionally, its role in


The Use of Endosperm Genes for Sweet Corn Improvement
By any measure, sweet corn is an important vegetable crop in the United States.
Genetic Control of Carbohydrate Synthesis in Maize Endosperm.
There are many gene mutations in maize which produce endosperm differences and several genes have been shown to alter carbohydrate type and quantity during kernel development.
Carbohydrate composition and sensory quality of fresh and stored sweet corn
La plus forte correlation est obtenue entre la concentration en saccharose et les resultats de l'analyse sensorielle (saveur et intensite au gout sucre). Les teneurs en amidons et en polysaccharides
Breeding for success: diversity in action
The main conference theme “Breeding for success: diversity in action”ected not only the importance of genetic diversity underpinning successful breeding programmes, but also the diversity of crops and science disciplines that interact and contribute to contemporary plant breeding.
Postharvest carbohydrate transformations and processed quality of high sugar maize genotypes
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evolution of sweet corn
The cornfusion about sweet corn
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Production of hybrid sweet corn
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