Breeding and Genetics: Poultry and Small Ruminants


Genetic influence of the mechanisms driving feeding behavior and energy homeostasis in avians has not been fully elucidated; hence there is a paucity of such information in the Guinea Fowl (GF). Recent advances in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics have made these mechanisms less difficult to evaluate, but assays aimed at developing GF genetic improvement programs continue to lag. The GF has tremendous potential as a viable poultry meat species in the US and globally. Generating genetic information for the GF is essential for its improvement and in comparative mapping of avian species of economic importance. The primary aim of this study was to compile a comprehensive database of genes expressed in GF center of satiety. Messenger RNA was isolated from ventromedial hypothalamus and pituitary of adult GF. Following reverse transcription, cDNAs were cloned into the pBluescript plasmid vector using the Stratagene cDNA Library Construction Kit. Approximately 1000 clones were selectively screened via blue-white selection, restriction digestion and PCR. Positive clones were cycle-sequenced by PCR and analyzed with the ABI PRISM 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer. A second objective was to comparatively analyze GF gene fragments against homologs from other poultry species. Guinea fowl nucleotide sequences were subjected to sequence homology searches using the megablast option of NCBI’s Basic Local Alignment Search Tool. Nucleotide sequence similarity between GF and other avian species averaged 76.5%. Nucleotide sequences exhibiting high homology (~80%) with other avian species averaged 685.6 bases in length and ranged from 293 to 1,025 bases. Nearly 12% of the nucleotide sequences analyzed showed no significant similarity to any available sequence data. Gene fragments generated from this work are currently being used to develop oligonucleotide primers for quantitative PCR and expressed sequence tags for selective breeding.

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