Breeding and Genetics

  title={Breeding and Genetics},
  author={G. Brambilla Pisoni and Loredana Basiric{\`o} and Paolo Moroni and Umberto Bernabucci and Giovanni Savoini and Stefania Galletti and S Rossetti and J. Turini and Giorgio Varisco and Sandra G. Solaiman and Claudius Kerth and William W. Jones and David Bransby},
Accurate assessment of nutrient bioavailability is critical for achieving an optimal balance between sufficient and excess for major feed components such as protein sources. Optimizing feed protein sources for farm animal amino acid (AA) requirements is difficult to achieve given the variations in protein quality. Feeding excess protein to meet AA requirements contributes to excess nitrogen (N) environmental pollution. To avoid productivity losses from an improper AA balance, feeds can be… CONTINUE READING