Breeding and Genetics: Swine

  title={Breeding and Genetics: Swine},
  author={Kevin M. Olson and Dorian J Garrick and Mark K. Enns and Fabiano C. Ara{\'u}jo and F. TurhollowAnthony and Manicardi and J. R. Hofig Ramos and Cl{\'a}udio de Ulh{\^o}a Magnabosco and Thomas R Famula and Roberto Sainz and Michelle R. Mousel and Gary Alan Rohrer and K. Aarthi and Ronald K. Christenson and Julia Holl and J. Procaccino and Cassady and Daniel Vasconcelos Pomp and Richard Kirk Johnson},
The objective of this study was to determine the reduction in accuracy of breeding values when pen-fed rather than individual observations on feed intake (FI) were used. The simulated data set consisted of 1,000 animals with true breeding values (BV) and phenotypes for FI (heritability of 0.34) representing 49 sires and 200 maternal grandsires (MGS). Three approaches were compared to predict breeding values for FI (EBV). The first approach was animal model BLUP (IAM) using 1,000 individual FI… CONTINUE READING


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