Breathing pattern awake and asleep in patients with myotonic dystrophy.

  title={Breathing pattern awake and asleep in patients with myotonic dystrophy.},
  author={Dan Veale and Brendan G. Cooper and John Joseph Gilmartin and Timothy J. Walls and Chris J Griffith and Grant Gibson},
  journal={The European respiratory journal},
  volume={8 5},
Patients with myotonic dystrophy often have an irregular pattern of breathing at rest, implying abnormality of breathing control. No central medullary defect has been found in such patients. We postulated that irregular breathing in myotonic dystrophy due to abnormal central respiratory output would persist during slow-wave sleep. We examined the patterns of breathing whilst awake and asleep in seven patients with myotonic dystrophy, seven similarly weak nonmyotonic subjects and seven normal… CONTINUE READING