Breathers in a locally resonant granular chain with precompression

  title={Breathers in a locally resonant granular chain with precompression},
  author={Lifeng Liu and Guillaume James and Panayotis G. Kevrekidis and Anna Vainchtein},
  journal={Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena},

Discrete breathers in a mass-in-mass chain with Hertzian local resonators.

Direct numerical integration of the equations of motion is used to demonstrate the formation and evolution of the identified localized modes in energy-conserving and dissipative scenarios, including within settings that may be relevant to future experimental studies.

Nanoptera in weakly nonlinear woodpile and diatomic granular chains

We study “nanoptera”, which are non-localized traveling waves with exponentially small but non-decaying oscillations, in two singularly-perturbed Hertzian chains with precompression. These two

Forward and backward propagating breathers in a DNA model with dipole-dipole long-range interactions.

It appears that the interplay between the carrier wave frequency and the LRI induces stationary forward or backward propagating waves that occur out of the center/edge of the first Brillouin zone.

Effect of Discrete Breathers on the Specific Heat of a Nonlinear Chain

It is concluded that DBs affect specific heat of the nonlinear chain, and for the case of hard-type (soft-type) anharmonicity, they reduce (increase) the specific heat.

Elastic Wannier-Stark Ladders and Bloch Oscillations in 1D Granular Crystals

We report the numerical and experimental study of elastic Wannier-Stark Ladders and Bloch Oscillations in a tunable one-dimensional granular chain consisting of cylindrical particles. The

Modulation instability in nonlinear flexible mechanical metamaterials

In this paper, we study modulation instabilities (MI) in a one-dimensional chain configuration of a flexible mechanical metamaterial (flexMM). Using the lumped element approach, flexMMs can be modeled by

Nanoptera in nonlinear woodpile chains with zero precompression

Quasiperiodic granular chains and Hofstadter butterflies

Three different set-ups, inspired by the Aubry–André model, of quasiperiodic chains are proposed and it is demonstrated that the fractal dimension decreases as one approaches the localization transition (when it exists), and also that there exist regimes of ballistic, superdiffusive, diffusive and subdiffusive transport.



Nonlinear Waves in a Strongly Nonlinear Resonant Granular Chain

We explore a recently proposed locally resonant granular system bearing harmonic internal resonators in a chain of beads interacting via Hertzian elastic contacts. In this system, we propose the

Dark breathers in granular crystals.

It is demonstrated that these dark breathers can be detected in a physically realistic experimental settings by merely actuating the ends of an initially at rest chain of beads and inducing destructive interference between their signals.

Breathers in oscillator chains with Hertzian interactions

Intrinsic energy localization through discrete gap breathers in one-dimensional diatomic granular crystals.

We present a systematic study of the existence and stability of discrete breathers that are spatially localized in the bulk of a one-dimensional chain of compressed elastic beads that interact via

Discrete breathers in one-dimensional diatomic granular crystals.

The experimental observation of modulational instability and discrete breathers in a one-dimensional diatomic granular crystal composed of compressed elastic beads that interact via Hertzian contact leads to the dynamical formation of long-lived breather structures.

Wave localization in strongly nonlinear Hertzian chains with mass defect.

The experiments show that the interaction of a solitary wave with a light intruder excites a nonlinear localized mode and it is found that the frequency of localized oscillations exceeds the incident wave frequency spectrum and nonlinearly depends on incident wave strength and on mass and size of the intruder.

Traveling waves and their tails in locally resonant granular systems

In the present study, we revisit the theme of wave propagation in locally resonant granular crystal systems, also referred to as mass-in-mass systems. We use three distinct approaches to identify

Breathers in periodic granular chains with multiple band gaps.

Direct numerical simulations illustrate the spontaneous formation of localized modes within the corresponding nearest gaps in the localized nonlinear breathing modes that emerge in heterogeneous granular configurations of two materials with a periodicity of three and four beads.

Discrete breathers — Advances in theory and applications

Highly nonlinear wave propagation in elastic woodpile periodic structures.

The main finding is that a Hertzian, locally resonant, woodpile lattice offers a test bed for the formation of genuinely traveling waves composed of a strongly localized solitary wave on top of a small amplitude oscillatory tail.