Breastfeeding as Subversive

  title={Breastfeeding as Subversive},
  author={Megan D. McFarlane},
  journal={International Feminist Journal of Politics},
  pages={191 - 208}
  • M. McFarlane
  • Published 3 April 2015
  • Art, Sociology
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics
Abstract The US military has frequently been a focus for feminist scholarship. Much of this scholarship concentrates on the masculine character of the institution. Although the associations between masculinity and the military are significant, little scholarship has examined women's embodied experiences or the representations of women in the military context. This essay addresses this gap in the literature by using a textual approach to explore the visual elements of a controversial image… 

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War and peace are gendered and gendering geopolitical processes, constituting particular configurations of masculinity and femininity. When men are considered in relation to war and peace the

The operation and subversion of gendered war discourses: soldierhood, motherhood and military dissent in the public production of Kimberly Rivera

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Becoming Militant: Narrative of (Dis?) Embodiment in Visakesa Chandrasekaram's Tigers Don't Confess

In the war front we never think that we are women and we are soft by nature. These disappear from our minds. In the war front we have only our aim in our mind, our aim to get an independent nation

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t has become something of a truism to state that the concept of ‘masculinities’ assumed, during the 1990s, an increasing visibility, prominence and political significance both within (and beyond) the

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Using a life history approach, this article explores the ways in which women in the military who are also mothers learn to embody various masculinities and femininities as they negotiate workplace

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Referring to the recent ‘visual turn’ in Critical Security Studies, the aim of this article is threefold. First, by taking the concept of visual securitization one step further, we intend to theorize

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Of all the writing that emerged from the existentialist movement, Simone de Beauvoir's groundbreaking study of women will probably have the most extensive and enduring impact. It is at once a work of

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In the tradition of political theory, women and sexuality are rarely mentioned. When discussed, they are almost always treated together-women become nearly synonomous with sexuality while men,

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"Maneuvers" takes readers on a global tour of the sprawling process called 'militarization'. With her incisive verve and moxie, eminent feminist Cynthia Enloe shows that the people who become