Breastfeeding and infant growth: biology or bias?

  title={Breastfeeding and infant growth: biology or bias?},
  author={Michael S Kramer and Tong Guo and Robert W. Platt and Stanley Shapiro and J. J. Collet and Beverley Chalmers and Ellen D. Hodnett and Zinaida Sevkovskaya and Irina Dzikovich and Irina Vanilovich},
  volume={110 2 Pt 1},
BACKGROUND Available evidence suggests that prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding is associated with lower infant weight and length by 6 to 12 months of age. This evidence, however, is based on observational studies, which are unable to separate the effects of feeding mode per se from selection bias, reverse causality, and the confounding effects of maternal attitudinal factors. DESIGN/METHODS A cluster-randomized trial in the Republic of Belarus of a breastfeeding promotion intervention… CONTINUE READING

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