Breast milk leptin: its relationship to maternal and infant adiposity.

  title={Breast milk leptin: its relationship to maternal and infant adiposity.},
  author={F{\"u}sun Kitapçi Uysal and Eray Esra Onal and Yusuf Ziya Aral and Bahattin Adam and Uğur Dilmen and Y Ardiçolu},
  journal={Clinical nutrition},
  volume={21 2},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Leptin, the product of the obese gene (ob), is synthesized by adipose tissue and contributes to the regulation of energy homeostasis and food intake. Recently, immunoreactive leptin was reported to be present in human milk. The objective was to determine if there was a relation between breast milk leptin concentrations and adiposity in exclusively breast-fed infants. METHODS Fifty healthy, exclusively breast-fed infants beyond neonatal period, and their mothers were… CONTINUE READING


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