Breast metastasis of primary colorectal cancer: a case report


Breast metastasis can mimic a primary breast cancer and may present confusing diagnostic problems. Its management differs from that of primary breast cancer, as illustrated by this case of a colonic metastasis to the breast. An 80-year-old woman whose breast tumor showed features of adenocarcinoma received wide excision. After one month, the patient presented with abdominal pain. In evaluation colon cancer was diagnosed. Considering endoscopy indicated stenosis of the sigmoid that would lead to obstruction of colon, laparoscopy-assisted sigmoidectomy was done.We searched Pubmed up to April, 2016. Metastasis to the breast from colorectal carcinoma is very rare and only 32 such cases have been reported in the literature. Most patients were female, the median age was 51.1 years, and the majority of metastases (48%) were to the left breast. In 5 cases the patients died an average of 14.5 months after the diagnosis of breast metastasis. Colorectal carcinoma metastatic to the breast is indicative of widely disseminated disease and a poor prognosis. It is important to make this distinction between primary breast cancer and a metastatic process, in order to provide the most effective and appropriate treatment for the patient and to avoid any harmful or unnecessary surgical procedures.

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