Breast carcinoma in a boy with metastatic axillary lymph nodes.


The purpose of this report is to highlight the clinicopathological features, diagnosis, management and prognosis of rare childhood breast cancer. We herein report a case of slowly growing, locally advanced secretory carcinoma of the breast in an 11-year-old boy with metastatic axillary lymph nodes, 12 of them were totally replaced by the tumor cells. No evidence of distant metastases was detected. Modified radical mastectomy with axillary clearance was done, with uneventful postoperative course. On searching the Sudan medical literature, no previous report of similar case was found. In conclusion, breast carcinoma, though a rare entity, yet should be borne in mind if a firm breast lump was found in a child. Fine needle aspiration cytology is effective to start with as a diagnostic tool.

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