Breast cancer-related preferences among women with and without BRCA mutations

  title={Breast cancer-related preferences among women with and without BRCA mutations},
  author={Victor R. Grann and Priya R. Patel and Anubha Bharthuar and Judith S. Jacobson and Ellen Warner and Kristin Anderson and Eiran Warner and W Y Tsai and Kimberly A. Hill and Alfred I. Neugut and Dawn Hershman},
  journal={Breast Cancer Research and Treatment},
Preference ratings are used to quantify quality of life in analyses used for health care policymaking. Subjects indicated how many years of their life expectancy they would trade to avoid BRCA mutations, breast/ovarian cancer, and five preventive measures including prophylactic surgery, annual mammograms, and annual magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Among 243 respondents, both the 83 women with mutations and the 160 controls rated mammography highest (most favorably), MRI next highest, having a… CONTINUE READING
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