Breast cancer and MCS in EHP.

  title={Breast cancer and MCS in EHP.},
  author={Mariette G. Vogelezang and Ulrike B Forster and Jaewon Han and Mark H Ginsberg and Charles ffrench-Constant},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={274 - 275}
The regeneration of peripheral nerve is associated with a change in the alternative splicing of the fibronectin primary gene transcript to re-express embryonic isoforms containing a binding site for α4β1 integrins that promote neurite outgrowth. Here we use PC12 cells to examine the role of the interaction between paxillin and the α4 integrin cytoplasmic domain in neurite outgrowth. Expression of α4 with mutations in the paxillin-binding domain reduced neurite outgrowth on recombinant embryonic… CONTINUE READING