Breast Volume Measurement of 598 Women Using Biostereometric Analysis

  title={Breast Volume Measurement of 598 Women Using Biostereometric Analysis},
  author={C. William Loughry and Daniel B. Sheffer and Thomas E. Price and Richard L. Einsporn and R G Bartfai and W M Morek and N M Meli},
  journal={Annals of Plastic Surgery},
A study of the volumes of the right and left breasts of 598 subjects was undertaken using biostereometric analysis. This measurement uses close-range stereophotogrammetry to characterize the shape of the breast, and is noncontact, noninvasive, accurate, and rapid with respect to the subject involvement time. Using chi-square tests, volumes and volumetric differences between breast pairs were compared with handedness, perception of breast size by each subject, age, and menstrual status. No… 

Measurement of breast volume with thermoplastic casts.

A pilot study was carried through to assess the reproducibility of a new method of measuring breast volume through a negative replica of the breast made with thermoplastic cast material.

Anthropomorphic Measurement of the Breast

By including anthropomorphic measurements in the permanent record of every patient undergoing breast surgery, this work has a tool to compare long-term and short-term results of surgical techniques.

Breast Volume Determination in Breast Hypertrophy: An Accurate Method Using Two Anthropomorphic Measurements

A formula to predict breast volume based on straightforward anthropomorphic measurements is developed and surgeons may find this formula a practical and relatively accurate method of determining breast volume.

Photographs for anthropometric measurements of the breast region. Are there limitations?

The defining points of the breast fold and the profile photographs have some limitations and it is suggested how the points and positions can be used for breasts measurements.

Aesthetics of the female breast : correlation of pluralistic evaluations with volume and surface area.

An inexpensive, non-invasive optical method was demonstrated to measure volume and surface area of the breasts of female volunteers with accuracy, and ideal anthropomorphic measurements were similar among plastic surgeons and breast surgery patients.

[Methods and importance of volume measurement in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery].

The authors conclude that digital volume measurement proved to be a valuable tool in preoperative planning of volume reducing mammaplasty, replacement of unknown size implants and in cases when breast asymmetry is treated.

Anthropometry of the Breast Region: How to Measure?

Measurements obtained by tape measure and compass are not identical, and once the measurement tool is chosen, it should be used for the pre- and postoperative measurements in a standardized way.

Breast Volumetry Using a Three-Dimensional Surface Assessment Technique

The 3D surface-based volume measurements are feasible in terms of time and can predict the MRI breast volume with sufficient accuracy and facilitate the broad use of such an assessment technique in a large-scale epidemiologic study using breast volume as a study aim.

A Measurement System for Evaluation of Shape Changes and Proportions after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

  • E. Swanson
  • Medicine
    Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 2012
This measurement system provides a highly practical means with which to quantitate breast shape changes after surgery and assess surgical results using well-defined references.