Breast Tuberculosis: a Diagnosis Often Unknown, Case Report

  title={Breast Tuberculosis: a Diagnosis Often Unknown, Case Report},
  author={H. Ragmoun and Abir Agili and A. Daadoucha and Najeh Benhlima},
  journal={journal of Clinical Case Reports},
Breast tuberculosis is a rare condition. It poses a differential diagnosis problem with breast cancer because the clinic and imaging are not specific. Breast tuberculosis should be mentioned mainly in endemic countries or in immunocompromised individuals. We report a case of breast tuberculosis in a postmenopausal woman through this case, we describe the particularity Clinical and evolving of this entity, and we discuss the diagnostic difficulties. 


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A case of breast tuberculosis is reported in a postmenopausal woman through this case, the particularity clinical and evolving of this entity is described, and the diagnostic difficulties are discussed. Expand
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