Breast Reshaping Following Bariatric Surgery.


BACKGROUND Obesity is a worldwide problem that affects millions of people from a medical and psychological point of view. To solve the related complications, patients should lose weight with the consequent need to be subjected to body contouring due to the presence of a loose and redundant skin. We report our experience in the treatment of the post… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s11695-015-1613-y


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@article{Vindigni2015BreastRF, title={Breast Reshaping Following Bariatric Surgery.}, author={Vincenzo Vindigni and Carlotta Scarpa and Antonio Tommasini and Maria Cristina Toffanin and Laura Masetto and Chiara Pavan and Franco Bassetto}, journal={Obesity surgery}, year={2015}, volume={25 9}, pages={1735-40} }