Breast Motion and Sports Brassiere Design

  title={Breast Motion and Sports Brassiere Design},
  author={Kelly A. Page and Julie R. Steele},
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Exercise usually results in a large displacement of the breasts, often leading to breast pain. Although breast pain is a common concern of exercising females, little research has been conducted in the area of breast pain. It has been suggested that a cause of breast pain is excessive breast motion. As the female breast does not contain strong intrinsic structural support, this breast motion is difficult to reduce. It is suggested that the primary anatomical support for the breast is the Cooper… 

Influence of Bra Band Tension and Underwire Angles on Breast Motion

Daily activities and exercise may result in large displacements of the breasts, which lead to breast pain and discomfort. Therefore, a proper bra design and fit can help to control excessive breast

Identifying a vertical neutral position of the breast using simple measures.

During physical activity, many women suffer from breast discomfort due to excessive breast motion. It has been hypothesised that movement-induced breast discomfort is caused by straining the tissue

Breast biomechanics, exercise induced breast pain (mastalgia), breast support condition and its impact on riding position in female equestrians

Results suggest that appropriate breast support positively impacts EIBP and riding position in female riders possibly enhancing performance and further research is warranted to establish breast movement in equestrianism in three dimensions.

Effects of Breast Support and Gait Speed on Three-Dimensional Breast Displacement for Women with Small Breasts

It is recommended that sports bra designed for women with small breasts should aim to limit mediolateral breast displacement instead of anteroposterior breast displacement, on the premise of controlling vertical breast displacement.

Breast Motion and Discomfort of Chinese Women in Three Breast Support Conditions

The result showed that breast motion of Chinese women was smaller than previous research, which may be resulted from smaller breast size in Asian women.

Breast support implications for female recreational athletes

Knowledge of the breast support implications for larger-breasted female recreational athletes was progressed and bras offering high multi-planar support are promoted as they were found to be beneficial for performance within the activities investigated.

Analysis of dynamic vertical breast displacement for the design of seamless moulded bras

Abstract Traditional breast displacement studies included human subjects and maintaining result consistency is restricted by biomechanical limitations. This study proposes an objective approach that

Adding an underwire in bras decreases breast motion and discomfort during locomotion

The bra design feature of containing an underwire was effective in decreasing exercise-induced vertical breast motion and discomfort among the women with large breasts.

The effect of breast support and breast pain on upper-extremity kinematics during running: implications for females with large breasts

A high support bra that offers good multi-planar breast support is recommended for female runner with larger breasts to reduce breast pain andThorax and arm kinematics do not appear to be influenced by breast support level in female runners with large breasts.

Breast elevation and compression decrease exercise-induced breast discomfort.

The design features of greater breast elevation and compression provided significantly increased breast and bra comfort compared with a standard encapsulation sports bra during physical activity for women with large breasts.



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Historical perspective basic exercise physiology differences and similarities between the sexes environmental factors as they affect women exercise programs and the prescription of exercise exercise

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Bras designed for the athletic woman have been long overdue, but now bra manufacturers have jumped into a race to capture the jogging-bra market.

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The development of the normal human breast.

Selected Sports Bras: A Biomechanical Analysis of Breast Motion While Jogging.

Eight sports bras were compared and evaluated to determine the amount of biomechanical support they provide for small-, medium-, and large-breasted women and showed that the Exercise Sports Top and the Lady Duke bras allowed the least amount of breast movement.

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