Breakup of diminutive Rayleigh jets

  title={Breakup of diminutive Rayleigh jets},
  author={Wim van Hoeve and Stephan Gekle and J. H. Snoeijer and Michel Versluis and Michael P. Brenner and Detlef Lohse},
Discharging a liquid from a nozzle at sufficient large velocity leads to a continuous jet that due to capillary forces breaks up into droplets. Here we investigate the formation of microdroplets from the breakup of micron-sized jets with ultra high-speed imaging. The diminutive size of the jet implies a fast breakup time scale c= r3 / of the order of 100 ns, and requires imaging at 14 106 frames /s. We directly compare these experiments with a numerical lubrication approximation model that… CONTINUE READING
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