Breakthrough on the Cambrian Explosion

  title={Breakthrough on the Cambrian Explosion},
  author={Mark A. S. McMenamin},
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Pandora’s Pithos

An epidemic of Cambrian Explosion (CE) virus, a “phylagen” that was able to infect and reconfigure metazoan morphogenetic fields and genomic kernels, caused the geologically simultaneous appearance of numerous animal phyla at the base of the Cambrian.



Eight-armed Ediacara fossil preserved in contrasting taphonomic windows from China and Australia

We report the preservation of the eight-armed Ediacara fossil Eoandromeda octobrachiata as carbonaceous compressions in the Doushantuo black shale of south China and as casts and molds in the

Dynamical patterning modules: physico-genetic determinants of morphological development and evolution.

DPMs are introduced, units consisting of one or more products of the ‘toolkit’ genes that mobilize physical processes characteristic of chemically and mechanically excitable meso- to macroscopic systems such as cell aggregates: cohesion, viscoelasticity, diffusion, spatiotemporal heterogeneity based on lateral inhibition and multistable and oscillatory dynamics.

A sclerite-bearing stem group entoproct from the early Cambrian and its implications

The Lophotrochozoa includes disparate tentacle-bearing sessile protostome animals, which apparently appeared in the Cambrian explosion, but lack an uncontested fossil record. Here we describe

What Darwin Got Wrong

The author suggests that there is a "pre-formatting" issue for evolutionary theory, seeing neuroanatomy so intimately meshed with the computational order of the Universe brings one back, as he suggests, to the explanatory project of D’Arcy Thompson and Turing.