Breaking the Slump: Baseball in the Depression Era

  title={Breaking the Slump: Baseball in the Depression Era},
  author={Charles C. Alexander},
PrefaceI. Past TimesII. The Last Fat Year (1930)III. Lean Years (1931-1932)IV. The Leanest Year (1933)V. New Deal Baseball (1934-1935)VI. Toward Recovery (1936-1937)VII. Pathos and Progress (1938-1939)VIII. Baseball LivesIX. ShadowballX. Recovery and War (1940-1941)PostscriptNotesSelected BibliorgraphyIndex 
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The New York Yankees Cope with the Great Depression
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Acknowledgements While researching and writing a thesis is often a lonely act, I could not have completed this piece without the tremendous support of numerous individuals. Their contributions have
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Brooklyn et "ses" Dodgers. Base-ball et construction des identités urbaines aux Etats-Unis, une sociohistoire (1883-1957)
Le base-ball joua des la fin du 19eme siecle un role preponderant dans la formation des cultures urbaines aux Etats-Unis. Les Dodgers, equipe professionnelle de Brooklyn, gigantesque circonscription