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Breaking the Rules: Liberating Writers Through Innovative Grammar Instruction

  title={Breaking the Rules: Liberating Writers Through Innovative Grammar Instruction},
  author={Edgar Howard Schuster},
A Corpus-based Approach to Determining Standard American English
This study shows the results of using corpus linguistics to answer questions about usage in standard American English.
Six Middle School Language Arts Teachers' Beliefs about Grammar and their Teaching of Grammar while Participating in a Professional Learning Community
The purpose of this qualitative, interpretive research was to investigate six middle school English language arts teachers’ beliefs and practices related to grammar and the teaching of grammar.
Teaching Required Courses: Pedagogy under Duress
Curriculum revision can be one of the most contentious projects an English department undertakes. In addition to local pedagogical and pragmatic pitfalls, disciplinary specialists confront larger
Final MA Portfolio
Examining Linguistics in the Language Strand of the Common Core State Standards
  • K. Denham
  • Education
    Lang. Linguistics Compass
  • 2015
If teachers are encouraged to do what they know how to do, and to use the topics in the Language standards to teach in more sophisticated ways about language, then the standards could become a launching pad for improved teaching and learning about language and linguistic discrimination.
Interpreting Standard Usage Empirically
This study presents a statistically based methodology for analyzing the standardness of disputed English usage points that can be presented in a dictionary-like format useful to writers and editors.
Innovative Methods of Teaching English Language
This paper analyses the innovative and quite interesting methods we have in teaching English language. We may have a number of teaching methods in between traditional and modern. Everybody has their
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