Breaking the Rules: Lectio Brevior Potior and New Testament Textual Criticism

  title={Breaking the Rules: Lectio Brevior Potior and New Testament Textual Criticism},
  author={Jeff Miller},
  journal={The Bible Translator},
  pages={82 - 93}
  • Jeff Miller
  • Published 2019
  • Philosophy
  • The Bible Translator
Though the principle regarding a preference for the shorter reading is often still included in descriptions of text-critical method, it has fallen out of use. The maxim lectio brevior potior (“prefer the shorter reading”) should not be, and in fact is not, a factor in the modern practice of New Testament textual criticism. This article briefly states reasons for the maxim’s inapplicability and then surveys a large amount of contemporary text-critical and exegetical literature to demonstrate the… Expand


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