Breaking the Ring of Encirclement: The Sino-Soviet Rift and Chinese Policy toward Vietnam, 19641968

  title={Breaking the Ring of Encirclement: The Sino-Soviet Rift and Chinese Policy toward Vietnam, 19641968},
  author={N. Khoo},
  journal={Journal of Cold War Studies},
  • N. Khoo
  • Published 2010
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Cold War Studies
The recent literature on China's relations with North Vietnam has given insufficient attention to the impact of the Sino-Soviet conflict. This article underscores the centrality of the Soviet factor in Beijing's relations with Hanoi and the importance of triangular relations during the 19641968 period. The article points to the Sino-Soviet conflict as the main cause of the fissures in the Sino-North Vietnamese alliance that emerged more fully after the Vietnam War. 
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