Breaking bad news to cancer patients: survey and analysis.

  title={Breaking bad news to cancer patients: survey and analysis.},
  author={Wolfgang Spiegel and Thomas Zidek and Manfred Maier and Christian Vutuc and Karin Isak and Heidrun Karlic and Michael Micksche},
  volume={18 2},
PURPOSE To find out how patients perceived the disclosure of news about their cancer as regards the physician counselling and how they perceived the flow of information between hospital-based and family physicians. METHODS 272 cancer patients were polled with a 16-item questionnaire. RESULTS 252 cancer patients, 92.6% of those asked, completed the questionnaire. 37.7% (f:35.4%, m:41.8%) stated that the fact that they had cancer was presented to them 'very empathically' or 'empathically'. 62… CONTINUE READING