Breaking Cassie's Law for Condensation in a Nanopatterned Slit.

  title={Breaking Cassie's Law for Condensation in a Nanopatterned Slit.},
  author={Martin L{\'a}ska and Andrew O. Parry and Alexandr Malijevsk{\'y}},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 12},
We study the phase transitions of a fluid confined in a capillary slit made from two adjacent walls, each of which are a periodic composite of stripes of two different materials. For wide slits the capillary condensation occurs at a pressure which is described accurately by a combination of the Kelvin equation and the Cassie law for an averaged contact angle. However, for narrow slits the condensation occurs in two steps involving an intermediate bridging phase, with the corresponding pressures… 

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