Breakdown voltage of metal-oxide resistors in liquid argon

  title={Breakdown voltage of metal-oxide resistors in liquid argon},
  author={L. Bagby and S. Gollapinni and C. James and B. Jones and H. Jostlein and S. Lockwitz and D. Naples and J. Raaf and R. Rameika and A. Schukraft and T. Strauss and M. Weber and S. Wolbers},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
We characterized a sample of metal-oxide resistors and measured their breakdown voltage in liquid argon by applying high voltage (HV) pulses over a 3 second period. This test mimics the situation in a HV-divider chain when a breakdown occurs and the voltage across resistors rapidly rise from the static value to much higher values. All resistors had higher breakdown voltages in liquid argon than their vendor ratings in air at room temperature. Failure modes range from full destruction to coating… Expand

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