Breakdown of the isobaric multiplet mass equation for the A = 20 and 21 multiplets.

  title={Breakdown of the isobaric multiplet mass equation for the A = 20 and 21 multiplets.},
  author={Aaron Gallant and M. Brodeur and C. Andreoiu and Andreas Bader and A. Chaudhuri and U. Chowdhury and A. Grossheim and Ralph A. Klawitter and Anna A. Kwiatkowski and Kyle G. Leach and A. Lennarz and T. D. Macdonald and B. E. Schultz and J. Lassen and Henning Heggen and S. Raeder and Andrea Teigelh{\"o}fer and B. Alex Brown and A. Magilligan and Jason D Holt and J Fernandez Menendez and J. Simonis and Achim Schwenk and Jens Dilling},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 8},
Using the Penning trap mass spectrometer TITAN, we performed the first direct mass measurements of (20,21)Mg, isotopes that are the most proton-rich members of the A = 20 and A = 21 isospin multiplets. These measurements were possible through the use of a unique ion-guide laser ion source, a development that suppressed isobaric contamination by 6 orders of magnitude. Compared to the latest atomic mass evaluation, we find that the mass of (21)Mg is in good agreement but that the mass of (20)Mg… Expand
High-precision mass measurements for the isobaric multiplet mass equation at A = 52
Masses of 52Co, 52Com, 52Fe, 52Fem, and 52Mn have been measured with the JYFLTRAP double Penning trap mass spectrometer. The isobaric multiplet mass equation for the T = 2 quintet at A = 52 has beenExpand
Second T=3/2 state in B9 and the isobaric multiplet mass equation
Recent high-precision mass measurements and shell model calculations~[Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 108}, 212501 (2012)] have challenged a longstanding explanation for the requirement of a cubic isobaricExpand
Revalidation of the isobaric multiplet mass equation at A=53, T=3/2
Abstract The T = 3 / 2 isobaric analog state (IAS) in 53 Co is firmly established through a comprehensive measurement of β -delayed γ and proton decay of 53 Ni. The determined excitation energy of 53Expand
Beyond Wigner's isobaric multiplet mass equation: Effect of charge-symmetry-breaking interaction and Coulomb polarization
The quadratic form of the isobaric multiplet mass equation (IMME), which was originally suggested by Wigner and has been generally regarded as valid, is seriously questioned by recent high-precisionExpand
Penning trap mass measurements to test three-body forces in atomic nuclei
Recent theoretical studies have shown that three-nucleon forces are important for understanding neutron-rich nuclei, and for the formation of nuclear shell structure. In particular, theory can notExpand
Generalized isobaric multiplet mass equation and its application to the Nolen-Schiffer anomaly
The Wigner Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation (IMME) is the most fundamental prediction in nuclear physics with the concept of isospin. However, it was deduced based on the Wigner-Eckart theorem withExpand
Observation of β-delayed two-proton emission in the decay of 22 Si
The decay of the lightest nucleus with Tz=−3 , 22 Si, was studied by a silicon array. A charged-particle group at 5600 (70) keV in the decay-energy spectrum was identified experimentally as βExpand
Masses of exotic nuclei
Abstract Recent developments in precision mass spectrometry of radioactive isotopes (RI) and some selected related physics subjects are reviewed. In the last decades, besides conventionalExpand
Observation of excited states in Mg20 sheds light on nuclear forces and shell evolution
The exotic Borromean nucleus $^{20}$Mg with $N$ = 8, located at the proton drip-line provides a unique testing ground for nuclear forces and the evolution of shell structure in the neutron-deficientExpand
Identification of the Lowest T=2, J^{π}=0^{+} Isobaric Analog State in ^{52}Co and Its Impact on the Understanding of β-Decay Properties of ^{52}Ni.
It is found that the IAS in ^{52}Co decays predominantly via γ transitions while the proton emission is negligibly small, according to the large-scale shell model calculations, this phenomenon has been interpreted to be due to very low isospin mixing in the I AS. Expand


Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 21
This evaluation of A = 21 has been updated from previous evaluations published in 2004Fi10, 1998En04, 1990En08, and 1978En02. Coverage includes properties of adopted levels and γ-rays, decay-schemeExpand
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